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New Television Channels




Our mission is to produce visual content that resonates with viewers, regardless of genre, scale or platform. From creating the overall strategy, to organizing and executing the shoot, to managing the multifaceted post-production process, we ensure our clients’ projects are seamless from start to finish. 

Whether you’re starting with a vague idea or a fully-fleshed out concept, COLORFUL ME PRODUCTIONS (CMP) can bring your vision to life. If you have an upcoming project, get in touch today so we can work together. You can't lose when you are working with a company with BHAG!

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BHAGS is Big Hairy Audacious Goals! Goals so outlandish you are almost afraid to speak them, but seem true to the mission, vision, and core values of our company as well as within our Social Enterprise division. Most importantly, defined with our social innovation seven phases.

Innovative - BHAG:

Tree of Life Entertainment Solutions Group is not afraid of BHAG...because we believe in the possibility of building a better world, where innovative ideas are not just the norm but the exception to the rule. Our focus is represented in our seven (7) building phases: dream big, plan big, discover big, imagine big, bless big, think big, and finish big. Our team-building spirit fosters unimaginable ideas and unlimited fun, plus we are open to creating something inspiring yet unbelievable. Therefore, with our various teams (whom we passionately call our Legacy Builders), we challenge their ideas of what is possible by using our "it takes a village" mentality to make a difference, become game changers, and determine how we will impact the world in positive ways.  WE ARE AN AMAZING VISIONARY COMPANY! 

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O.W.L. (Our Way of Living) 

Entertainment Re-imagined Network

Opportunity - Wealth - Legacy

O.W.L. Entertainment Re-imagined Network is where all the magic will happen and allow so many visionaries to create unbelievable content that the whole world can relate to. This will genuinely be entertainment reimagined in several media aspects. O.W.L. Entertainment's Re-imagined ambitions plans include developing a new cable television network under its umbrella, starting with a Deaf & Hard of Hearing Channel and a First Americans Channel. Both groups of people are the only cultures that do not have their own channels dedicated to telling their stories. The babies have a television channel or shows, animals, cars, and even crime have one, yet the voices of the Deaf, S.M. A.R.T. (disability), and Indigenous People are not being heard, or their stories told firsthand.  They are the only ones who do not see themselves daily on any network or major streaming platform. We will start with television shows and films produced by independent and rising filmmakers by opening doors and allowing them space and place to create. This includes the content of our founder and O.W.L. Entertainment Re-Imagined  Network owner, Gondolyn Hardimon Keeton, who has been creating numerous television shows concepts for years and now it's time to take them to the development stage as part of the 1000 hours needed to launch our network.  As well as, allowing other undiscovered screen and television writers, creators, and talent an opportunity to do the same.  SEE WE WILL OPEN DOORS...MANY OF THEM!

O.W.L. Entertainment Re-imagined Network ambition plans include:

-   Back to Nostglic; we would like to reboot some of the old television shows from the 70s, 80s, and up by adding a level of

    diversity element and giving them a unique, innovative twist to then storylines.

-   Develop several new television channels which include:

           1. Signs of the Times Deaf (by Deaf Creators)

            2. The First Americans (created and produced by the Indigenous community)

                and  God’s Special People (by Disabled Creators)

            3. JEMH Enterprises: films – video-digital productions – streaming

            4. Agreement of Two Global BIPOC Christian Entertainment - television

            5. Nine Fruits Films (made for television movies and featured films)

            6. The Real Reality Network – all reality, unscripted and alternative shows

           7. The Little Engine That Could –positive animation and children programming, including the “Yep, Kids” series. By children writers

           8. The Millennium Projects – Coming of Age television shows and films (by Gen Y & Zers creators).

        9.  Girlfriends - a channel focusing on everything women (talk shows, TV, films, documentary, education, etc.)

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Recording Studio
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New Network, New Television Channels

Colorful Me Productions (CMP) has BHAGS (big, hairy, audacious goals) to create a new television network with several

new channels- combining wholesome and nostalgic programming with a modern-day twist. 

CMP's TV Channels under its own Network will start with two channels, one for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing and one for The Indigenous People filmmakers and storytellers. Other channels will soon follow as we continue opening doors for BIPOC+, un-discovered filmmakers,  and television storytellers and creators by providing a place and space to strictly focus on sharing their creativity with the world, while we support them without all the red tape.  

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Deaf & HOH Channel


First Americans Channel


Kids TV Channel

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The Millenniums Project - Gen X,Y, Zers

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Girl Talk

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