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Look Who's Talking About Us!

*We pride ourselves on being able to perfectly fulfill our clients’ expectations. Therefore, its important to know that the people involved in such a massive project are reputable and hard workers.  Whether, past, present, or in the future it's important to make a great lasting impression that withstands the test of time so it’s our true pleasure to share some of the valuable feedback from industry professionals we have previously worked with. So take a look at what they had to say about our founder, Gwen Hardimon Keeton, and the companies she formed. If you are moved to share an endorsement or testimony with us, please get in touch to submit your review. It will be deeply appreciated. 

Scroll further down to see actual endorsements and testimonies...

Endorsements from Hollywood & The Big Apple...

Also photos of FSP/OTMA/TTMA members' signings for representation.

OTMA-TMMA combo logos.png

They really, really like us...

*(some references and endorsements are from a 2013 event we were sponsoring and appeared on the event website)


Now as part of the Tree of Life Entertainment Solutions Group / Colorful Me Productions franchise, Future Stars Productions (FSP), along with our sister agencies, Oklahoma Talent & Models Association (OTMA) and Texas Talent & Models Association (TTMA) has been fortunate enough over the past 25+ years to meet, network, and build close working relationships (even some friendships) with some of the best in the industry.  Over the years, our founder, Gwen Hardimon Keeton, and her staff have met so many Hollywood, New York, and other major markets "movers" and "shakers" that we can call on when needed- whether it is for advice and direction, or if we've found a great talent we know they might be interested in representing.  Many we have known for years and others just a short time, and this is what I love about this industry, constantly evolving and allowing you the opportunity to meet some fascinating people who are true "go-getters." I can honestly say that I have found this to be such a true statement "THIS IS  A BUSINESS OF WHOM YOU KNOW.  Therefore, we have been so blessed to have doors opened for us that are normally closed to those trying to get into the business on their own and by knocking on doors.  We also owe a huge credit to IMTA (International Modeling & Talent Association) where we were a member for over 25 years, for allowing us the opportunity to meet and network with literally hundreds and hundreds of the top fashion and talent industries VIPS from not only our national major markets but also the international markets throughout the list there are just a few of our industries friends and contacts that wanted to talk about us...please read what they have to say. You will be confident when we say OPENING DOORS ARE WHAT WE LOVE TO DO!


Here's What They Said About Us!

Al Onorato #2.jpg.png
"On more than one occasion, I have been to Oklahoma to view some talented actors.  Gwen Hardimon-Keeton is a person I have known over the years.  She is and still remains to be a woman who encourages talent and not discourage artists.  She is herself a person with integrity and above all, a nurturing talent always."


Al Onorato

Unified Management

Personal Manager

Al Onorato

Google Mr. Onorato to see his impressive credentials on IMDb 

con't  AL ONORATO 

Al has represented past discoveries of OTMA and in March 2013, signed two more of our OTMA/IMTA delegates/clients, Danielle Hernandez & James Nichols II (left photos). James is moving to Los Angeles in Aug. 2013 and Danielle will be there for two months during what is known as Hollywood Episodic Season auditioning for guest-starring roles.

Chrissy (Eaden) Metz


Christi Eaden Metez reference testimony.png
Chrissy Metz download - Copy.jpg
Chrissy -thisisus-main - Copy.jpg
Chrissy - This is Us.png
Chrissy -Willow, Tinasha, Kelly photos.png
Chrissy LB Talent logo.png

con't CHRISSY EADEN (METZ)  2013

Even though FSP/OTMA/TTMA is just getting to know Chrissy, We all instantly connected to her and the LBTeam because each of them has a sweet, caring and loving spirit therefore, we knew our clients are in great hands with Chrissy. So, it was such a blessing to have LB Talent as Willow, Tinasha, and Kelly's Agents. 

Mala Lemnah,

Mala Lemnah, Agent.jpg
Lilyan Cole.jpg


 Photos of OTMA's clients, Lilyan Cole and Marshon Williams who is now represented by Mala and the M.O. Artist Agency.

Marshon W.png

Judy Landis,

Landis-Simon Productions,


Willow Roe.png
Tinasha LaRaye WIlliams.png

Judy has represented several of OTMA's clients, and recently (March 2013) just signed OTMA's IMTA delegates, Willow Roe and Tinasha LaRaye Williams (right photos).

Google Judy to see her impressive credentials and on IMDb

Judy Landis reference -endorsement.png
Judy Landis, Manager/TV Producer

Stevi Meredith,

Long Beach, CA

Stevi Meredith.png

Stevi Meredith, Meredith Management

Future Stars Productions is the perfect place to begin your career in entertainment. Not only do they provide you with the training and skills you need to become a success, but they also showcase you in front of the top industry professional who can help make your dream come true. I have known Gwen Hardimon-Keeton for twenty years and I can truly say that her integrity and willingness to work hard put her ahead of the rest.


-Stevi Meredith, Meredith Management

Director - Writer - Personal Talent Manager

Stevi Meredith, Director/Writer/Manager-Meredith Management. Stevi The photo above is Stevi performing in the play she directed FOR COLORED GIRLS. OTMA/TTMA took a group of our talent to Long Beach, CA to see the play, which was moving, inspiring and well-directed. Hats off to STEVI!!. 

Stevi has groomed many youth and adults in the industry, however, her proudest accomplishment is her daughter, Kamilah who has starred in several Broadway plays and has toured as a background singer and dancer for many popular artists. Since 2013, Stevi's daughter has been a part of Taylor Swift's squad as one of her lead Choreographers and background singer. 

Kelli Lambeth Edwards.png

After attending IMTA (2013)  with OTMA's Kelly Edwards (left) signed Stevi as her Personal Manager..

Joan Stephens,

New York

Joan Stephens.png
Joan Stephens headshot.png

Joan Stephens, New York City

Joan Stephens at IMTA.png
The Audition Doctor - and Stephens Acting Workshops


" I have had the great pleasure of meeting Gwen Hardimon-Keeton many years ago and was very impressed with her training, her agency, and especially the talent she brought to IMTA. My workshops are based in New York City but, I have traveled and coached actors from Los Angeles, Canada, and done numerous workshops across the country.  I was invited to give an IMTA workshop for Gwen in Oklahoma and the result was great success. Her dedication to her students is truly unparalleled."


Joan Stephens


Joan coach OTMA students.png

Over and over, her training has made numerous of our OTMA/IMTA delegates international competition WINNERS!  (just a very few of them shown above). (Girl in photo with Joan is not from OTMA)

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