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Film Student

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CMP understands that it takes hard work, loyalty, and true creativity to stand out above the rest in our competitive industry. And that’s exactly what our sister organizations did, Oklahoma Talent & Models Association (OTMA) and Future Stars Productions (FSP). You will discover that some of the top industry professionals believed in what we did from our past testimonies. Therefore, as part of our new start-up company, CMP plan to continue on this path because we pride ourselves on perfectly fulfilling our clients’ expectations. Check out our client’s previous testimonials to get an idea of what it’s like to work with us.  
Intros are at the bottom of our pages and look under our Endorsements and Testimonies page, you will find the full reviews from some very important Hollywood and New York heavy hitters.


Film Student

Look Who's Talking About Us!

Meet Some Hollywood Heavy Hitters 

*We understand that it takes hard work, loyalty, and true creativity in our competitive industry to stand out above the rest. Below you can learn more about the credentials of the industry professionals we have previously worked with. On the following page, check out our client endorsements to get an idea of what it’s like to work with us. 

Below is continued information from scrolling down on the specified pages

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Al Onorato,

con't  from the Parent Company page Katie Holmes (Dawson Creek, movies), Elijah Woods (Lord of the Rings saga), Sean Murray (NSCI). A former Casting Director Al has cast many unknowns in television shows and movies and turned them into big stars such as Mark Harmon, David Hasselhoff, Cheryl Ladd, Greogory Harrison, Sandra Bullock,Kevin Spacey and. numerous others. See endorsement page 

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Mala Lemnah,

con't  from the Colorful Me Productions page compiled from some of the top bookings in the industry. Her clients are constantly auditioning and booking numerous projects including print work, television, and commercials.  See endorsement page


Stevi Meredith,

Long Beach, CA

con't from the CMP Studios page 

...hearts in the industry. Stevi is so giving and willing to share her knowledge and expertise with you and FSP/OTMA/TTMA could not have asked for a better Mentor, than Stevi.  Photo on stage performing in the play she directed For COLORED GIRLS. We took a group of our clients to Long Beach, CA to see the play, which was moving, inspiring and well-directed. Hats off to STEVI!

Chrissy Metz.jpg

Chrissy (Eaden) Metz


con't  from the Parent Company page  

...and very knowledgeable about the business. Chrissy also cares very deeply about her clients. 

Update on Chrissy Eaden (who is now using her stage name, Chrissy Metz). Chrissy has traded her Talent Agent role to Actor, starring as one of the leads on the popular television show, THIS IS US.   See endorsement page

Edited Image 2013-6-24-18:55:27

Judy Landis,

Landis-Simon Productions,


con't from the Colorful Me Productions page

...roster of clients includes many long-term ones. Judy is one of those true Hollywood "go-getters" that takes great care of her clients and truly fight for them and the opportunities for to get in mist of the "who's who". Her clients appreciate her and stays faithful. Kyla Pratt, now a mom herself in her twenties is still a client of Judy's after she discovered and jumpstarted her career as a child actor. For years, I wrote the personal bios for Judy’s clients, including Kyla Pratt.


Joan Stephens,

New York

con't from the CMP Studio page know and believe me when I say, Joan practically knows everyone in the business. Her late husband, Arthur owned one of the largest commercial agencies in the world, McDonald-Richards out of New York City. Joan is one of the best commercials acting coach around and she knows her stuff well. Over and over, her training has made numerous of our OTMA/IMTA delegates international competition WINNERS!  (just a very few of them shown above). (Girl in photo with Joan is not from OTMA)

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