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Parent Company

Family Friendly – "It Takes A Village" Mentality

Our Parent Company, Tree of Life Entertainment Solutions Group (TOLESG) represents our honored ancestors' work and family pride, demonstrating moral values, upholding the mantle of creating stability, continuity, wealth, and legacy as role models for present and future generations. We are raising a new generation in a Village-type environment where the word Tribe members (Visionaries & Dreamers) are used instead of team members. Villagers describe our workforce and townspeople.

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TOLESG fairy new revised logo

"We are the SOLUTION to what's WRONG in the INDUSTRY"

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TOLESG - Our Parent Company
TOLESGSED:  Social Enterprise Division
TOLESG-P2:  Business Support to our Creative Entities

Our Beginning

Who We Are

Film ~ Television ~ Fashion ~ Gaming ~ Entertainment ~ S.T.E.A.M. ~ Recreational ~ Entrepreneurs

Tree of Life Entertainment Solutions Group, Inc. (TOLESG) is defined as a Social Enterprise Business: established within a corporation status. TOLESG is the Parent Company with two divisions under its umbrella; TOLESG-SOCIAL DIVISION (SED) and TOLESG-P2 (Phenomenal 2) which will include a conglomerate of other business entities mostly related to the film, television, entertainment, music fashion/beauty, games development, and S.T.E.A.M. industries. TOLESG will be located in rural Oklahoma with plans to establish a new town or village, called Promise, OK where a community of like-minded people will live, work and play.


TOLESG has several socially innovative plans to enhance and enlarge the Oklahoma booming film market, with the expansion of extending an olive branch to our sister state over the Red River. Yes, Texas, where also lies an array of extremely talented filmmakers, gaming, and entertainment gurus.

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The conglomerate will be developed into 7 phases within a timespan of up to 7 years. The first building phase of this entertainment village will include a Film and Television Production Studio called Colorful Me Productions (CMP) that will be entertainment production “re-imagined”. This company will provide thousands of job opportunities for skilled individuals and the many graduates, and students who are seeking various degrees from several film and production schools, and fashion programs in our regions. The job opportunities will be available to them immediately providing an internship and also apprenticeships hands-on training for those who are interested in careers in these industries, as well as other facets of the entertainment industries such as performing, visual, and creative arts. We will open doors for new undiscovered, raw talent and become a new kind of role model for diversity and inclusion (when we say diversity, we are going to truly show you what that means) in every aspect possible.

We will produce quality programming that will be relatable to anyone living on this earth. We will also redefine and innovate a whole new frontier in the fashion and beauty industry, all while offering a nostalgic touch to nearly every aspect throughout our business entities.

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Beautiful Landscape
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    Our Name

  • TREE of LIFE

represents our powerful force to grow, strive, and stand with grace.


is to be entertained through pleasure, humor, relaxation, and peace of mind. To provide uplifting, wholesome, and promising entertainment that will explore each culture’s history, expose some injustice, add diversity in all aspects, bring about understanding and unity - all in an entertaining way.


to solve what is missing in the industries we are representing. (See below a breakdown of just a few of those solutions we will be tackling)


we are a very diverse group of like-minded people with the same goal in mind. We work together strongly believe “IT TAKES A VILLAGE” to bring about the change we want to see in this world. To allow various Tribes (our Teams) to work together in harmony through creativity, innovation, implementation, empowerment, and bringing about game-changing opportunities. We work together strongly believe "IT TAKES A VILLAGE!" to bring about the change we want to see in this world. 

TOLESG Parent Company

Tree of Life Entertainment Solutions Group is a multi-generational, BIPOC+ (Blacks, Indigenous, People of Color, we added the plus to include the Deaf and Disabled, plus others), and majority-women-run, members profit-earners company that is the solution to what is most recognized as wrong with the entertainment industry, a lack of diversity opportunities.  We do not plan to be limited to just the lack of women and African Americans in the industry but also open doors to a diverse group of people of color and individuals who have other unique distinctions that have doors that have previously been so narrow to get through.  Two of our most prominent target groups will be the Deaf Community and the Indigenous People who significantly lack the opportunities to see themselves represented on-screen daily.  Ironically, we had been working years on these plans way before the popularity of the movie, CODA which finally brought awareness to the Deaf & HOH Communities, and prior to the voices of the Native Americans demanding their stories be told, we had the foresight and determination to make sure these groups would be the heart of our company's focus. Now, with the awakening in the industry, we are inspired even more so that this vision seen was divinely given to us.   

TOLESG social innovation facilities to be built on our desired 5000+ acres property will also be available to outside established and newly created production companies. We are the perfect alternative to those seeking a unique turn-key filming location, complete with a skilled crew, several sets options, temporary or permanent office space rentals, numerous soundstages and acres and acres of green space, outdoor sets, and natural habitat areas to film their next project.  TOLESG is also taking on the challenge to fulfill a missing piece in the Oklahoma film industry market by offering a turn-key facility that will be able to facilitate their every filming need from pre-production to the final stages in post-production. Along with the top-rated support from our local film commission, and the newly revised state-wide generous incentives options offered for filming in our state, there is no better choice than filming in OK, now affectionately called OkieWood. And surprisingly, if TOLESG does not have everything you are looking for, our state offers several other filming options; production facilities, trained film crew availability, and several small towns that the Oklahoma Film+Music Office across the state has recently earned certifications.


Another unique aspect of our company is our opportunities to provide for an array of mom-and-pop businesses as part of our nostalgia initiative offering the small-town living lifestyle of the bygone days.


Once, we were asked to define our business objective this way 

     1. "Is it to make lots of money by any means necessary

           several companies?

      2. Is it to be a form of ministry operating on Christian


      3.  Is it a company that wants to support and give back to

           the community? 

      4. Will we take a page defining the industry doing it our own

          way, and being at our own table? 

The answer is absolute - all four! But with a slight difference from the first model, our money will flow from God's blessings and not specifically "by any means necessary"; the vision given to us was to open doors for others, not force them closed.

TOLESG Social Enterprises

Creating a Community/Village Where “It’s Better to Build Children Rather than Repair Adults.”

A Social Enterprise represents a business model established for a social purpose, to create positive social change.  Our business is driven by a social purpose that is at the very heart of who we are and what we do. As a profit-earning company, a portion of our profits will be reinvested into our "Pay it Forward" projects and programs through our 7 Ripples Forward Foundation. TOLESG-SED is also a part of the CMP multimedia entertainment company that includes a social innovations concept. A Social Innovation is a novel solution to a social problem that is more effective, efficient, sustainable, or fair than current solutions. Social Innovation is about the IDEA. Not just any "new idea" but one that creates change performs better than existing solutions and which the value accrues primarily to society and community.  Both are why TOLESG has developed this business model as a special division of our Parent Company. Our goal is to bring together a 150-300 tribe of members (community) of like-minded people in a social sector with a common belief that social change is essential to creating a society where everyone prospers. In order to achieve our goal, we have established four very different entities: Social Innovations that create change, highly improve several existing solutions that will enhance community living, and the society we live, work and play in.  


TOLESG comprises four (4) internal entities with several sub-divisions developed from seven (7) different phases. Since our goal is to achieve the highest standard of social impact, we are defining our overall mission as an innovative concept that we passionately called “The Time is Now Movement”- A Social Economic Empowerment Project. It is very bold, ambitious, much needed, and a project that must be developed.

TOLESG’s seven (7) phases of the development project are about community development, social change, cultural history education, and impacting social economics. It will allow us to empower individuals with an array of opportunities, programs, career options, employment, profit-sharing, and more through the film, television, entertainment, and other unrepresented industries by allowing BIPOC+ (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and plus the Deaf, Disabled and 2nd Chancers to share powerful, necessary, and untold storytelling. And reap the benefits from CMP and other profitable venues.


The four entities that fall under our Social Enterprise division Companies that we define as Social Innovations:

  1.   The Villages of Promise, OK (a place to live and thrive)

  2.   Colorful Me Productions Film & Television Studio (a place to work and create)

  3.   888 Red River Entertainment Island (a place to play and relax)

  4.  7 Ripples Forward Foundation (an opportunity to “pay it forward”)


Future plans for the CMP conglomerate of business entities under the parent company and its two main divisions will also consist of developing a new record label, music school,  film school, fashion & beauty academy, and education campus. Future plans also include an entertainment complex, publishing, cultural and history multiplex, merchandising, and so much more planned within the seven phrases. 

Our Social Enterprise business was established from a God-given vision shared by our founder, Gondolyn “Gwen” Hardimon Keeton. Along with a team of other driven Visionaries and Dreamers, who started a path of change that will solve several issues that have plagued our communities and our African-American and Indigenous cultures and other underserved and unrecognized diverse groups. 

Street Corner Protestors

 What's in a name?...a lot

when it comes to ours!

Even our logo has meaning!

Our Social Enterprise Division Logo

Just like our name the tree represents who we are as people...God's Children


Our ROOTS which is our lifeline

  • it represents the determination of our ancestors

  • the strength to overcome

  • run deep inside our hidden pain

  • give us the power to push forward

  • teach us to never give up until we reach the top


  • represents our multi-culture world

  • as strong people, our determination to survive and thrive

  • the shade we provide to protect each other and others, not to shadow but to stand out.

  • as people of color together we can hold our fair share of the world in our capable hands

The LEAVES represents

  • our willingness to survive the storms we face

  • our continuous growth

  • our colorful existence

  • learn how to adapt to our everchanging circumstances

  • our power to produce

  • forever evolving with each season that passes, growing along the way.

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Film Reels
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“Phenomenal is an understatement.”

What Makes Us UNIQUE?

Tree of Life Entertainment Solutions Group (TOLESG) and TOLESG-P2 is a collaboration of not just a handful of people but includes a village of 150+ strong Visionaries and Dreamers who have come together to develop the most PHENOMENAL social innovations projects to be developed in the Heartland region.  TOLESG-P2 is an OWL Spirit Company that will operate slightly different from our Social Enterprise division.

WHAT IS TOLESG-P2? Part of our Parent Company, Tree of Life Entertainment Solutions Group (TOLESG), TOLESG-P2 by simply calling this division Part 2, doesn’t give it justice or the recognition it deserves. Therefore, we call this extension of our parent corporation, Phenomenal 2 (P2 for short) because it will be exactly that.  However, this division's main function is a support system for our creative community of mostly BIPOC+ to create content and projects for our Colorful Me Productions and CMP Studio. TOLESG-P2 is the business and administrative division for the CMPs’ creative entities so their sole focus will be on creativity and development.

WHAT MAKE TOLESG-P2 UNIQUE?  TOLESG-P2 has brought together multi-generations of BIPOC+ like-minded, creative individuals to build a community of entrepreneurs, strategic partners, talent, filmmakers, business owners, mentors and other individuals from all walks of life have come together to just let their imagination run wild and their creative juices flow to accomplish one goal. What is that goal? – to impact change in the industries that have not opened up opportunities for us to have our fair share to reach the top or be at the table. Therefore, we have decided (all 150+ of us) to build our own table, just like one of our biggest inspirations, Tyler Perry. We’re unique because our doors are also opened to so many unforgotten, and honoring our roots of IT TAKES A VILLAGE.

WHY? Because building our village and establishing a variety of productive tribes working together we realize, that our PURPOSE of being part of this SOCIAL REVOLUTION is greater than our fear that it’s an impossible task. Yes, many doors of opportunities have been closed, but thank God for windows. NO MORE STOP LIGHTS…WE WILL BE THE  GREENLIGHT POWER missing in Hollywood!



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