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Through pioneering technology and tools in each of our creative industries, including filmmaking, where we strive to take visual storytelling to the next level. Our version:  CMP will offer various creative and innovative programs, projects, activities, and funding options, always keeping in mind how we can empower others with opportunities that allow promoting social change, equality, and narrowing the wealth gap. Please take a look at our plans, projects, and fundraisers, which would enable us a pathway to success in fulfilling our mission, vision, and our 7 Phases plan.

The First 100 Filmmakers Scholarship Empowerment Program

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“Our Part of the Reconstruction through Storytelling”

POTENTIAL STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP WITH A FILM PROGRAM “Our Part of the Reconstruction through Storytelling” COLORFUL ME PRODUCTIONS (CPM), an entity under TOLESG-P2, proposes a partnership with an established film school/program for FILM/TELEVISION training. CMP will develop other Creative Arts, Performing Arts & Character Building Programs involving the film and television industries, including leadership skills and entrepreneurs' business training. This program will also work in conjunction with our Social Enterprise division of our TOLESG-P2 division within our CMP training programs to empower our underserved communities. CMP is interested in bringing true diversity to the film industry while creating a unique and innovative program within the NE Community yet open to other communities and rural cities across our state, which also lacks the opportunities to be introduced to such programs. Through our company, Oklahoma Talent & Models Association (OTMA) and Future Stars Productions (FSP), we will bring a combination of over 50+ years of experience in the Performing Arts & Creative Arts fields. Other individuals within our program have also been involved in the filmmaking industry for numerous years. We all shared a mutual passion of dedication and commitment to talented young people across our state, especially in the communities where the residents are systemically oppressed and part of the economic downturn. Some of our volunteers & staff have been with the organization for years. CMP will bring with them incredible opportunities that can enhance careers and turn dreams into reality for those who may never have such a door of opportunity like this opened to them. Our goal is to provide these programs to African Americans, Native Americans, Latinos communities, the Disabled, the Deaf community, late-in-life career changers, and second chancers. Because the Oklahoma film industry is on the rise, there is currently an influx of job opportunities. We want to be a part by providing skilled workers while bringing awareness to this untapped field in our communities. 

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This new vision project, “THE FIRST 100” will be incorporating many aspects of Character Building, Outreach, Filmmaking, Creative & Performing Arts, and Career Development for our young people, while meeting the needs of the job demands for adults. By offering our community alternative programs that have traditionally only been open to those of the upper-class level yet unaffordable to the underserved communities, these scholarships will allow CMP to enhance and expand these opportunities in a whole new innovative way empowering so many. This project will not just be limited to the filmmaking training, and it will extend way beyond behind-the-scene training. We plan on dealing with the body, mind, and soul to guarantee that our trainees will have a mindset of “the sky is the limit” to them. Our goal is to expose these individuals’ talent by enhancing their skills through love, commitment, mentorships, dedication, determination, and professional training.

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Seven phases, seven years; Plans are in the works to develop various social innovations aspects. Throughout this process, we want to take the opportunity to honor our fellow Oklahomans, Texans and others we feel it‘s important to tribute in an extraordinary way. While Tree of Life ESG is all about opening doors for others, we also sincerely appreciate those who came before us that led the way. They each inspired us, encouraged us, motivated us, and, most importantly, gave us hope that dreams could come true. Because they were pioneers or simply out there doing their thing, achieving their goal allowed the possibility for doors to open up for us. And because of their contribution, somewhere there is a little girl or boy that can say, ―wow, they looked like me…maybe I can do that too!‖ And for that reason, we want to honor some amazing individuals whom we can relate to by naming one of our programs, projects, or perhaps even a building or landmark in their name. This is not anything we take lightly; it has been debated, discussed, and prayed over before deciding who deserves this honor and why. Why do we choose to honor a select few? They earned it. It‘s also important to say Thank You to these deserving individuals whose names should be on everyone‘s mind too and someone to watch for-WHAT AN HONOR FOR US and an AMAZING OPPORTUNITY FOR THEM!

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Other experiences will be given the recognition of many famous Oklahomans in all aspects, from music, fashion, famous actors, and entertainers to politics and those who impacted our history. Here are just a few!




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