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Graphic Designers
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Film - Television - Fashion - Beauty
Games Design - S.T.E.A.M. - Music

Publishing - Cultural - Recreational - Entertainment

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Colorful Me Productions Subdivisions

Film/Television, Fashion/Beauty, Games Design, S.T.E.A.M, Music, Publishing, Cultural, Recreational, and Entertainment, as well as opportunities for Entrepreneurs


Colorful Me Productions (CMP) / Tree of Life Entertiainment Solutions Group (TOLESG) is committed to opening up doors of diversity to every industry that is lacking, especially when we can tie them to any of our focus industries; film, television, fashion, beauty, gaming, music, dance, recreation, S.T.E.A.M. and small business ownership (Entrepreneurs/UJAMAA). Each area of our Subdivisions was carefully researched and carefully thought through. What we determined was a huge problem when it came to the representation of BIPOC+, and this was on all levels from top executives to lower level employees. Therefore TOLESG / CMP is committed to narrowing that gap with social change and social economics. Below are some of our innovative plans to open up the doors of opportunities for beginners seeking a career change and introduce these well-paid opportunities to children and youth as an alternative career choice.

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Beauty Youtuber


Film ~ Television ~ Fashion/Beauty ~ Gaming ~ Music ~ S.T.E.A.M. ~ Entertainment ~ Recreational ~ Entrepreneurs/UJAMAA

CMP – Film & Television Studios

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Young Dancers


Fishing with Grandson




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Other Specialty Programs


  • 20 - 25 Sound Stages

  • Acres of Green Space

  • 10 - 15 Storage Warehouses

  • State-of-the-Art Technology 

  • Production Offices Rental

  • Outdoor Film Sets

  • Film Crew

  • Equipment Rental

  • Pre-Productions 

  • Post-Production Facility  

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O.W.L. Entertainment Re-imagined FINAL logo.png

O.W.L. Entertainment Re-imagined

Opportunities - Wealth Building - Legacy

  • New Television Network

  • Several New Channels

  • Opportunities for up-and-coming filmmakers

  • BIPOC+ Creative Storytelling and Truth Storytelling

  • Gwen's TV Shows Concepts (over 65 television shows concepts           ready for development)  

  • Old TV Shows - nostalgic touches with modern days reboots

  • Profit-Sharing with  Villagers (workforce)


  • Academy of Fashion Design School  (name honoree TBA)

  • Academy of Interior Design (honoree TBA)

  • Schools of Fashion & Costume Design (honorees TBA)

  • Trade Schools (Set Design, Stage, etc.)

  • Fashion Designers

  • Fashion Stylists / Fashionistas

  • Accessories Design

  • Costume Designers

  • Sets Designers

  • Home & Interior Designers

  • Fashion Runway Productions

  • Retail Management / Ownership

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The Queens of Fashion & Design School

Fashion vectorstock_12031658.png

Since uniqueness is our forte, we're going to categorically do something out of the norm when creating our fashion and design schools-talk about BHAG. First, we are going to start with naming each program in honor of some of the well-known BIPOC+ women who have built an unbelievable fashion or design empire. CMP also plans on honoring one of our fellow Oklahomans who is making her mark as a Home Designer in the home shows circuits.  CMP plans to combine what is innovative with the fashion industry and connect it with the film and television industry in an unusual way. We plan to be a step above others by offering selections beyond those of basic fashion and design schools. "DISCOVERY IS JUST A NEEDLE AWAY!"...LET'S START BY REALLY COLORIZING THIS INDUSTRY with BIPOC+ 

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  • The Shades of Beauty Academy (honorees TBA)

  • Hair Stylist & Cosmetology

  • Beauty Consultant

  • Makeup Artistry

A Certification Beauty Program (film industry related)

  • Spa & Salon Ownershi[

  • Products Development

  • Aesthetician & Esthetician

  • Skincare Science

  • Plus others

The Shades of Beauty Academy

CMP "The Shades of Beauty" Academy will pay tribute to some of the most beautiful women of color who have made their mark in the beauty industry by naming one of our beauty programs after them. We plan to break barriers and stereotypes in the beauty industry in a very diverse way. 

The Shades of Beauty Academy

will be a great asset to our campus of various specialized educational schools. those who are interested in a career in the Beauty Industries will learn first hand the path to success. Whatever their desire is from developing their own beauty or fragrance product line to owning their own Salon or Spa. This program is designed for them to learn from other trailblazers and widen the door for other BIPOC+ to reap the benefits and wealth of this billion dollar industry.


  • School for Games Designers

  • Games Developers

  • Gamers Competitions & Tournaments

  • Video Games Design

  • Arcades Games Design

  • Board Games Design

  • Mobile/PC Games Design

  • Gaming Development School

  • 27 billion gamers worldwide in 2020. 48% work on VR & AR games

  • A multi-billion dollars business

  • 85% of the consumers are people of color

  • However, only 13% of developers, designers or employees are people of color. 

  • 27.8% developers, employees are female

Game Development dreamstime_xxl_50801810.jpg

Think of the possibilities, video games could reflect the diverse movie and television content with breakthroughs like Black Panther and Crazy Rich Asians, if more BIPOC+ game developers create content for players that look like them. If so, we should see more diversity on the executive level - therefore, just imagine the new game styles and unique methods of game design. A BOATLOAD OF MONEY AWAITS US HERE!



  • Musicians

  • Singers

  • Singing Groups

  • Show Choirs

  • Songwriting

  • Marching Performance Bands

  • Producing

  • Concerts 

  • Music Festivals

  • Talent Representation & Management

  • Music Theatre

  • Instruments training

  • Record label

  • Reprise Singing Groups of the 60s-80's (part of our nostaligic plans)

  • State-of-the-arts music production studio

  • Plus more innovative plans

CMP has some very ambitious plans for our music program including starting a record label, build a state-of-the-art music recording studio, sponsor music festivals, and offer a pathway for undiscovered, raw talent. Please support this project. 

Our School of Music (named selected- TBA) will trained students who desired to have a career in the music business. Our school of music will be equipped to offer classes in all facets of the music industry; voice, instruments, songwriting, producing, and so much more. The goal is to create a music school to help individuals discover their God-given talent and will be taught by some of the best producers and musicians around offering masterclasses. 


  • CMP Dance Academy (named TBA)

  • Dance Arts

  • Administration to Theatre /Dance

  • All styles of dance taught

  • Dance Troupes

  • Classes available for all ages

  • Choreograhers  

  • Dance Studio Ownership

  • Dance Competitions 

Maya Hayes Dance group331525574935707648_n.jpg
Maya Hayes Dance Troupe,
StarFire Productions
Ballet Dancer.png

CMP Dance Academy (named - TBA) program will offer students and participants a once-in-a-lifetime experience revolving around the world of dance. Students will be introduced to an array of different styles of dance, dance programs, and techniques. Our dance program agenda is to focus on concentrations, emphasis, track toward certification programs from Dance Arts Adminstration to Theatre/Dance. The list of options will be very impressive from in-person classroom experiences to at-your-own-pace virtual masterclasses. Our dance programs will be offered to all ages learning all methods of dance.  LETS GET TO STEPPIN and GIVE EXPAND THE WORLD OF DANCE to look like our world. 

CMP is honored to have Ms. Maya Hayes,founder of StarFire Productions and a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and Choreographer as part of our TOLESG and CMP family. Maya will have a vital role in our Dance Program assisting with the development of our dance program.

Ujaama-1 Carleton College.png
Maya Hayes 419752_526102734096134_1132789272_n.jpg
Maya Starfire Productions 11392869_951951881511215_1467005590665613323_n.jpg
Maya Hayes 181425583_10159524904842425_9127838462232054132_n.jpg
Maya Hayes 192779179_4233103520062685_4221456959249416674_n.jpg

Maya Hayes

Check out Maya interview video about TOLESG/CMP on our testimonies page. 



Our specialize S.T.E.A.M. program will actively recruit BIPOC+ students and fully diversify these industries. . 


Dr. Taylor 273766658_10220198280619807_6488945620544639410_n.jpg

Dr. Taylor Dismuke


Another reason why Dr. Dismuke rocks is because she went to her entire undergraduate and post-graduate studies without one college debt. She earned full scholarships, including room and board on her journey to earn her Bachelor's, Master, and Doctoral degrees. Now that is truly a girl that knows how to ROCK!


We are so excited to feature someone near and dear to our hearts,  Dr. Taylor Dismuke, Scientist. Taylor recently received her doctoral through a program studying Biomedical Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Prior to that she was a Research assistant at Texas State University and Former Research Scientist at Langston University.

Taylor is a perfect example of what determination looks like. We know there are many other Taylors out there that are BIPOC+ that can find her or his place in the S.T.E.M. industries. Watching Taylor's journey since she was a toddler, I can truly say this is a  well-deserved honor to call her Dr. Dimuke and hopefully one day we can call numerous others will be inspired and motivated by Taylor's story. 


Stategics of Minorites ratio in the STEAM industries;

  • Whites 69%                    

  • Asians 13%

  • Individuals with Disablilities 10%

  • Blacks 9%      

  • Hispanics 7%      

CMP/TOLESG is committed to cultivating talent in every aspect of the industries we promote and one of them is in technology wherein the S.T.E.A.M. professionals BIPOC+ talent is so underrepresented. The science workforce wants to the full inclusion of diversity excellence across the social spectrum because they realize diversity leads to better problem-solving, expands the talent pool, and is important for long-term economic growth. However, a lack of BIPOC+ in S.T.E.A.M. leads to fewer discoveries, which means fewer, and potentially less viable, solutions to humanity's most pressing problems, especially those that affect their communities. Without diversity, we cannot harness the full potential of S.T.E.A.M. That is a strong enough case for diversity being relevant to S.T.E.A.M and why we are committed to changing the statistics by narrowing the above gap stategistics. 

Dr. Taylor Dismuke 106534201_2556001758047158_743542553747962738_n.jpg
Dr. Taylor Dismuke 21740866_10209536618284912_616763998402736386_o.jpg

Dr. Taylor Dismuke is a HBCU Alum| @unc PhD in Pathology who is interested in improving drug treatment in pediatric brain cancer. #BlackandSTEM | Founder of Brdge Alliance (yes, Brdge without the I) @brdgealliance, she is an advocate to introduce other young people of color to consider a career in S.T.E.M. industries, especially in the feel of biomedical. Her goal is to someday discover the cure for cancer. Leabrn more about Taylor's program at

Read more about Taylor at 

Dr. Taylor Dismuke 106534201_2556001758047158_743542553747962738_n.jpg
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  • Productions

  • Plays

  • Concerts

  • Recreational Facilities

  • County Fair

  • Parks

  • Dining & Food Court 

  • Sports Outings

  • Shopping

  • Sarah's Place

  • Movies

  • Film  & Music Festivals

  • County Fair

  • Parks

  • Family Fun

  • Plus others

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Other Specialty Programs

  • Publishing & Merchandising

  • The Teapot Society

  • Gwen’s Television Shows Concepts

  • Okla. Talent & Models Association (OTMA) and Texas Talent & Models Association (TTMA) Talent Agency

  • Management Company

  • Future Stars Productions

  • Casting Firm

  • Plus other Dreams Projects

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